OMBALA estate

Strategically situated adjacent to the Ondangwa railway station, Ondangwa Extension 11 and 12 comprise of a mixed-use development, known as the Ombala Estate, and the future railway Industrial Park.

The Ombala Estate encompasses the residential component comprising of seven general residential, 56 single residential, 8 business and 9 light industrial erven.

These properties shall be available subject to infrastructure and services to be developed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ombala situated?

Ondangwa Development (Ombala) – is a town located in the Oshana region of northern Namibia. The mixed use developments are strategically situated adjacent to the railway station in Ondangwa and comprise two townships, extension 11 and 12.

How much for a plot??

Plots at Ombala are selling @ a rate of N$ 490/m²

Are the Bond and Transfer Costs included in the purchase price amount?

Bond and Transfer Fees are not included

How much deposit should I pay?

N$ 5000 deposit for (Single Residential)

When can I construct my dwelling?

Construction may commence as soon as the plot has been transferred into the name of the purchaser.

What documents do I need to purchase a property?

(Identity Document, Marriage Certificate (if any), ANC agreement (if any), 3 month bank statement, Payslip or Bank Approval Letter).

How much do I qualify for?

You need to provide us with all the required documents in order for us to provide you with an approval amount.

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