elisenheim lifestyle estate

Elisenheim Estate, on the outskirts of Windhoek has been taking shape steadily for a number of years. With the declaration as a township in 2011 it has grown into a sprawling community for people from all walks of life. Being one of the largest ongoing lifestyle property development in Namibian history, Elisenheim boasts a residential growth of well over 3000 residents currently.
Driving down the newly-paved road towards

 the estate you are greeted by an atmosphere of sheer tranquility, giving you that ‘’out-of-town’’ feel that so many crave. You are welcomed at the entrance by a capable security team who stays on the alert all the time to ensure the safety and security of all residents and visitors.
A key factor to the creation of the Lifestyle Estate is that of a heightened sense of security and community trough providing access to a 

selection of lifestyle opportunities that can be enjoyed within a secure environment. This preferred lifestyle has become a reality for many families.
To further enhance the Lifestyle concept, more focus will be placed on direct investment into the creation of valuable living environments and retaining the dominant features of nature by adopting the notion of “the value is not in the building we live in, but rather the environment in which we are living”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Elisenheim situated?

Elisenheim is situated directly north on the outskirts of Windhoek, 9 minute drive approximately 7.4 km via Western Bypass.

How much for a plot??

Plots at Elisenheim are selling @ a rate of N$ 1650/m² for Single Residential and N$ 2 200/m² for General Residential.

Are the Bond and Transfer Costs included in the purchase price amount?

Bond and Transfer Fees are not included

How much deposit should I pay?

N$ 5000 deposit (Single Residential) and N$ 30 000 deposit (General Residential)

When can I construct my dwelling?

Construction may commence as soon as the plot has been transferred into the name of the purchaser.

If the plot is transferred into my name, should I immediately have to start with construction?

The purchaser shall within 2(two) years after registration of transfer, erect and complete dwelling houses.

How much is the levy if I purchase at EPDC?

The current levy for a free stand is N$ 595.35

What is DRC Fees?

The DRC Fees are fees that will be paid to the Design Review Committee to review and approve your building plans before they can be submitted to City of Windhoek.

What documents do I need to purchase a property?

(Identity Document, Marriage Certificate (if any), ANC agreement (if any), 3 month bank statement, Payslip or Bank Approval Letter).

How much do I qualify for?

You need to provide us with all the required documents in order for us to provide you with an approval amount.

If I purchase a plot and plan, when can I move in?

Normally after 6 – 8 months after bond has been registered.

If I purchase a plot and plan, when do I start paying?

The plot will register first and the client will commence payment on the plot portion and then again on progress payments.

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