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The property market in Namibia has been a hot topic of late. From mass housing to palatial estates, it has been covered extensively by local and international journalists, business people and investors. Whether the market is booming or receding, climbing or falling, we, at Trustco Properties, shall keep you informed via carefully curated articles featuring local and international property news to help you make your purchase decision. 

"It has always been a dream to be a first time home owner.

The whole process was very exciting from looking at the concept, working with the architects to do amendments to the plans to suit our own personal needs.

We thank JJ builders for their superb work and Trustco Properties for handling everything so smoothly, payments, etc. I would greatly recommend the process, although it might seem daunting at first, it has been a dream come true ~ "our own little house on the prairie. "

George & Lize Nagel Erf 963 Elisenheim